Why NYC?

New York City is the financial capital of the world and the home of the United Nations. It is a center for media, education, arts and entertainment, as well as a true melting pot and a city that commands the attention of the whole world. We believe that never ending worship, praise, and prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ can affect the atmosphere over this city by shifting the spiritual climate and helping to usher in a great end-time harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.

What if, in our generation, we were to take up Lamphier's mantle and instead of a one hour prayer meeting we began to lift up continuous prayer, praise and worship to Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, just because he is worthy of it?

Jeremiah Lamphier

Just a little over 130 years ago a businessman named Jeremiah Lamphier started one small prayer meeting that became a catalyst to unending prayer meetings all over the city, the nation, and the world!

What if, in God's grace, He began to answer our prayers for another great awakening? What could happen in New York City if God broke in with mighty waves of healing, salvation and deliverance in answer to our prayers?

In 1857, the Lord heard the prayers of Jeremiah Lamphier and other like-minded believers. Within six months, ten thousand business men were gathering daily for prayer in New York, and within two years, a million converts were added to the American churches. Undoubtedly this was one of the greatest revivals in American history that swept through New York City, and it was of such an order as to make the whole nation curious. There was no fanaticism, no hysteria, simply an incredible movement of the people to pray.

Financial markets were unstable; political unrest was widespread; people were spiritually disillusioned; banks failed; bankruptcies soared; unemployment was rampant. Sound familiar? The year was 1857. In the midst of hopelessness and confusion, God made His move.

A Dutch reformed church in lower Manhattan, whose membership was flagging hired missionary Jeremiah Lamphier to visit members and stem the tide of attrition. Unfortunately visitation didn't work. Jeremiah rented a hall on Fulton St in NYC, putting up notices of a noontime prayer meeting in a building with little distinction, with no fanfare or notice; a prayer movement that would sweep the nations was birthed. By the end of the first prayer time on September 23rd, merely 6 people had come. But in spite of the rather disappointing attendance, prayer continued.

Two days later, the Bank of Philadelphia failed and in October people began meeting daily. After the collapse of the stock market on October 10th, the meetings exploded. Within six months, 10,000 people were gathering daily for prayer in New York City alone. Ultimately people gathered in the thousands all across the nation and the world – in Scotland, England, Wales, Australia, Ireland, Europe and the Islands of the South Pacific. Portland and Denver shut businesses down at noon because men and women prayed.

1,000,000 souls were swept into the kingdom in what was called "The Great Prayer Meeting Revival." The tower of prayer in New York City became a refuge in the nation's dark hour and the righteous ran into it and were saved.


What if, in God's grace we were able to re-dig the wells of Jeremiah Lamphier and the praying saints of New York, to see another revival that could sweep the globe? Would you dare to dream with us for a Third Great Awakening? Come join us in prayer and let's ask in faith for the Lord to break into New York City and the nation.

Shortly after 9/11, a newspaper stated, "On Sept. 11 our enemies brought America to her knees, and on Sept. 11th America got up." May it rather be said that on Sept. 11th our enemies brought America to her knees, and from Sept. 11th onward she committed herself to stay there and fervently pray from there. Let us follow the example of Jeremiah Lamphier.